Multiple James Young Stewart Dysart

I am helping my daughters apply for the DAR. I am trying to untangle the confusion of the multiple James Young Stewart (JYS) Dysarts. Here is what we have:

JYS born 1768-9 married Jenette (sp) Woods in 1791. We have 7 children born to them, one being JYS d. 1824. He was married to Margaret. She is also a confusion as she is listed with a maiden name of Hemphill, but also married a Hemphill after JYS’ death. I am in the process of confirming she married a cousin.

JYS and Jenette’s other son Samuel 1792-1824 married Nancy Alexander in 1814. They had sons JYS, Joseph Lowery and Samuel. Their son JYS 1815-1857 was married to Elizabeth Moore. They are the parents of our line, Henrietta. There are some who say that he was married to Mary Moore. But she was actually married to his Uncle William.

The DAR is requiring confirmation of the connections of Samuel & Nancy Alexander, JYS & Elizabeth Moore, to Henrietta. So any confirmations you may have would be fantastic!

Our proof so far is this – JYS and Jenette are confirmed through DAR.

Samuel – Family Data collection sources for birth, with parents, and death.
Marriage records to wife Nancy Alexander.
Wife Nancy is named in Samuel’s will, along with son’s “Stewart & Joseph”.
This does not prove that our JYS below is the son of Samuel.
JYS b 1815 – 1850 census has wife Elizabeth and daughter Henrietta E.
Family Data collection for birth with parents
Cemetery records have them all buried around each other.
This does not prove that Elizabeth Moore is the mother of Henrietta. Or JYS is her father.

We have more, but I don’t want to overwhelm with too much data. It is the documentation we need for the DAR.