Family Photo

Here we will be adding family photographs. We will post some pictures simply to share. But some cousins have discovered old photographs where there are people they haven’t been able to identify. The hope is that by posting them here for other cousins to view, we may discover who they are. If you have information for us, please drop us a line at

We also have a section on our website called Lost & Found. You will find more pictures from different branches there as well.

Recently a box was discovered by cousins in Canada. Above is one we think we know the people, L-R back Joan & Jack Feggans, Aunt Nellie (Hedger) Cliff, Edwin Hedger, Emily Constance (Hedger) Feegans. Front Jack and Kay (Tilbury) Hedger.

This photograph has written on the back “Charles & wife married 5 months. The print date is March 15, 1930. We have concluded that this could be Charles Henry Cliff and his first wife Stephanie Krysiak. This was determined by genealogical records, so confirmation would be wonderful.

Here is one we aren’t sure on. We think one is Emily Constance . . .

This one had written on the back “Our little grey house in the West. The way we are standing we are facing the ocean.” The woman on the right is Nellie Hedger Cliff. We think the¬†gentleman is Matthew Cliff, but not sure about the woman. The photo to the left could be Nellie’s son Charles, or his brother Thomas. As you can see by the photograph below, they look very much alike.